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Our impact

WorldSkills UK uses world class learning to drive excellence in technical education and apprenticeships in UK skills systems, enabling more young people to make the best start in their careers and to raise productivity in UK businesses. We regularly achieve a top position in the global skills competitions whilst WorldSkills UK LIVE remains the UK’s largest, and a highly effective, careers event, attracting over 72,000 visitors each year and supporting young people to make key career decisions especially in relation to technical skills.

We continuously develop our range of new products and services and evolve our range of competitions to ensure that we are helping more young people, of all backgrounds, possess with the right skills to contribute to key skills sectors of importance to the UK.

We work with a broad number of strategic partners, core stakeholders and wider supporters who enable us to reach key audiences, deliver our core programmes and meet our funding objectives.

In order to plan with confidence for long-term growth and sustainability, we continue to seek new partnerships and co-investment with commercial organisations to develop new products and services that will enable us to implement a more diversified funding and commercial business model.

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