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Our training

Education establishments (including colleges, training providers, Institutes of Technology, National Colleges, universities and academies) will access a range of programmes designed to: attract and retain students; innovate in curriculum teaching, learning and assessment; improve student achievement rates; and increase staff development.

Our research shows that whatever stage of the development programme an individual reaches, the training they complete is hugely beneficial to their apprenticeship or training programme and the development of their employability skills.

We will work with employers to accelerate skills development to world-class standards, or design bespoke new competitions to meet their specific talent pipeline development needs.

Our new developments include:

Mindset and productivity skills

An accelerated development programme drawing on the methodology used to train and prepare Team UK and elite sportsmen and women.

End-point assessment for apprenticeships

Using competitions to assess curriculum innovation and development.

Accelerated Learning CPD

Enabling individuals or groups of staff to enhance their teaching by integrating competition methodologies and worldclass standards into their practice.

New competitions

Bespoke development and delivery of standards and competitions for key new sectors or individual employers.