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How it will make a difference

The WorldSkills UK Centre of Excellence will make a real difference to a number of people:


Aspire to achieve and advocate for world-class standards by supporting staff and building confidence in delivery of world-class expertise

● Support teaching staff to enhance teaching, learning and assessment (TLA) skills through developing practices to embed world-class competencies and standards.

● Build on best practice to enable the organisation to disseminate knowledge, understanding and learning to the wider FE and skills communities.

● Contribute towards requirements for high standards of behaviours and attitudes within the Education Inspection Framework.

● Enhance the reputation and profile of the college through competition success, which can help build partnerships with industry leading to greater commercial benefit.

● Be recognised as a college that values best practice in its professional development.

● Increase the skill sets of learners and apprentices and ultimately benefit the economy.



Enhance your skills to play an influential role in the development of young people

● Provide exposure to world-class standards through a structured CPD framework with direct access to a High-Performance Skills Coach.

● Develop increased confidence through implementing a world-class competency and standards approach to support quality of teaching, learning and assessment.

● Enhance the ability to set high aspirations for young people of all abilities and contribute to higher outcomes.

● Enable the adoption of world-class standards through the application of new techniques and practices in technical skills development and enhanced approaches to formative and summative assessment.

● Provide a teaching framework for developing employability skills and occupational expertise.

● Provide a catalyst for raising standards across technical education, enabling staff to train others in new ways of teaching, learning and assessment.


Raise levels of aspiration and achievement for learners

● Boost formal attainment and motivation so learners aspire towards world-class standards of excellence.

● Introduce skills competitions as a means of achieving aspects of qualifications.

● Enhance CVs and improve employment opportunities.

● Provide a platform to endorse, recognise and celebrate skills of all learners, appreciating not all formal learning fully recognises all young people’s qualities or achievements.

● Support the development of a deeper understanding of skills for the world of work.