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Hairdressers treat and care for clients’ hair. They give personalised consultations on every visit to ensure that they can deliver professional advice on the best way that their hair may enhance a client’s appearance whilst suiting their individual personality.

They cut, style, and colour hair according to a client’s wishes, at the same time giving professional advice on how to maintain and look after their hair at home.


This competition assesses the skills and abilities of competitors entering the field of Hairdressing.

Entry criteria

  • This is an individual competition
  • There is no limit to the number of team entries per organisation 
  • Competitors must be familiar with the core competencies (these can be found in the Tools section below) and must not have more than 5 years’ industry experience

Steps to taking part in this skills competition

  1. Register to enter this competition by 5 April 2019.
  2. Competitors are requested to submit an entry for initial assessment, further information will be sent when you register.
  3. Shortlisted competitors will be invited to a National Qualifier during Spring/Summer 2019.
  4. WorldSkills UK quality assure the results and finalists will be notified by September 2019.
  5. Finalists will participate in the UK National Final at the NEC in November 2019 as part of WorldSkills UK Live.

Additional information

  • Download the competition overview, core competencies and pre-competition activity pack from the Tools section to find out more about this skills competition and help with your preparation.


Competition organising partner

Competition organising partner

L’Oréal Professional Products is the competition organising partner for the Hairdressing competition.

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