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Competition Organising Partners, sponsors and partners

I haven’t been paid any of my grant yet, will I get paid for activities I have done so far on the planning, design and delivery of my competition?

We want to recognise the development work that has taken place to date and will discuss payments in more detail during our individual meetings with COPs. 

Do I need to provide feedback to those that have taken part in passives and qualifiers?

Yes, it’s very important that all those who have taken part in our competitions understand their strengths and areas for improvement which they can work on when they are back in their place of study or workplace. 

Our competition is recognised by our industry and forms part of our annual awards, can we continue to deliver our own competition?

Yes, but WSUK will not be able to fund this activity and it will have to be delivered outside of our framework which means that our logo and branding cannot be used. If you are going to continue with your competition, please speak to us before proceeding further. 

Can the grant funding be accrued and rolled over to next year?

No, we are unable to transfer funds from one year to the next. The grant funding is for this years cycle. We will be tying the remainder of the grant to a new set of deliverables and will have individual discussions with each partner to agree specific outputs and milestones. 

What if we don’t want to take part in any further activity now that the national cycle and LIVE have been cancelled?

We will need to understand your reasons for this and will discuss this with you in your individual meeting with us. 

Should COPs cancel accommodation that has already been booked for LIVE or will WSUK do it on our behalf?

We advise COPs to cancel or rearrange bookings as soon as possible to avoid any charges. If you have booked through Event Express, they will assist you with the option to move your booking to 2021, if you would prefer to do so. If you need any support to cancel your hotel booking, please contact the Competitions Team or Lara.

Can I tell partner organisations that this year's national competitions cycle and LIVE have been cancelled?

As valued partners, we wanted to let COPs know first before communicating the message out to wider audiences. This information is confidential and is embargoed until 2pm on Friday 18th July, therefore, we ask you not to share this information in the meantime. 

Who else is WSUK going to inform?

We will be sending emails on behalf of WSUK to all competitors and their points of contact on Friday 17th July. We will also be sending all COPs a standard message for their judges and competitors to which skill-specific information can be added before being sent. WSUK have already informed sponsors and the devolved nations. 

I am sponsor/investor of the national competition and need to understand my contract and organisations ROI? 

Offering our partners return on investment is key to our partnership. For this reason, we are currently working with our competition organising partners and will revert with any opportunities. In the meantime, your account manager will be in contact to discuss your contract. Any concerns please contact

I’m an exhibitor at WSUK LIVE 2020. What will happen to my contract and investment?

Your account manager will be in contact to discuss LIVE 2021, your contract and involvement. Please contact if you have any concerns or questions.


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