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Competition Organising Partners, sponsors and partners

What is WorldSkills UK plan for qualifiers?

  • We are taking extra precautionary measures to safeguard all participants involved in skills competitions.
  • We continue to monitor the governments advice regarding coronavirus and together with our partners are reviewing the impact on the planned competitions. With our number one priority being the safety of all, we have taken the decision to postpone all qualifiers scheduled for April through to June.
  • We’re working hard with our partners to agree alternative arrangements for the competitions and therefore encourage everyone to continue to register before the upcoming deadline.
  • We thank you for your patience while we formulate a new plan to ensure competitions can be delivered in a way that is safe for all competitors, supporters, judges, organisers and staff.

I’ve already spent money on booking hotels and travel for qualifiers, what should I do?

Please check the cancellation policy of the hotel or travel company you have booked with and if you think your qualifier is likely to be cancelled, after having spoken to the host venue, please make arrangements to cancel your booking

When would be the latest date that we could confirm revised qualifier dates, if they are being postponed?

At present, our plans are based on LIVE still going ahead in November. We advise that you confirm your revised qualifier dates as soon as possible but we recognise that in the current climate that may not be possible. Therefore, we would suggest that qualifiers are confirmed no later than mid-September at the very latest. You will need to ensure that you have enough time for qualifiers to take place, be quality assured and competitors informed of the outcome ahead of LIVE

If competitors don’t have the materials or equipment to participate in a competition from their homes, what can be done to ensure that they can compete fairly?

When considering alternative arrangements for your competitions you will need to carry out due diligence to ensure none of the competitors are disadvantaged as a result of the new arrangements if that means holding the qualifiers in a college/University setting albeit taking place later in the year, then that would be something you will need to consider as part of your planning

If I have registered my students by the closing date but they’re unable to accept the terms and conditions in order to complete their registration, will their registration be accepted?

As long as the application has been submitted on the system by 5th May, they will have until Friday 8th May to accept the terms and conditions in order to complete their registration and take part in competitions

How can Competition Organising Partners access competitor details?

You must have access to the Competition Management System. In the downloads section of the CMS, select ‘Reports’ followed by ‘Overall Competitor Report’ in the top right hand corner of the page.

I am sponsor/investor of the national competition and need to understand my organisations ROI

Your investment to develop young people and promote the specific skill will be used by  WorldSkills UK and the COP to deliver the competition in the possible format allowed by Government Guidelines at that time, with the branded National Final taking place at WorldSkills UK LIVE. Should this change a member of WorldSkills UK will be in contact.

I’m an exhibitor at WSUK LIVE. What will happen to my investment if the government enforces a ban on large gatherings? 

Should we be forced to cancel due to circumstances outside our control (force majeure), your contractual investment to WorldSkills UK will roll over to WorldSkills UK LIVE 2021. Please get in touch with your WSUK contact if you have any concerns or questions.

When will I receive details on the grant for the accommodation for my group for WorldSkills UK LIVE?

You will receive an email on Wednesday 8th April.

With the news that the NEC is being used as a Nightingale hospital, will this affect the plans for LIVE?

We are planning for LIVE based on the NEC being operational again by November.  Obviously no one knows for sure how long the current measures will be in place, so if we hear any different from the NEC, or things change based on Government advice, we’ll let all our partners know.

What message should COPs share with sponsors?

The messages we are communicating have all been shared with yourselves and can be found on our website, please do share these with your stakeholders.

Would the build still be covered by WS UK if we are not able to deliver a UK Final or is it viewed as commercial space?

Yes, the build at LIVE would be provisioned in the same way, or slightly adjusted if required, in order to facilitate the masterclass/CPD activity within your skill area. The space would not become exhibition space if there was not an actual National Final taking place (Mark Smallman).

Could we utilise Squad members to conduct a masterclass at Live?

Yes Squad members can be utilised.

If I don’t run any national qualifiers can I still use the accommodation grant for LIVE?

You will not be able to draw down the accommodation grant if you do not run any national qualifiers. The accommodation grant covers your competitors whilst they are at LIVE, if you don’t run any qualifiers, you will not have any competitors at LIVE and therefore the accommodation grant becomes void

What health and safety guidelines should we share with competitors and who does insurance/risk assessment sit with?

As the COP is ‘instructing’ the competitor, liability would sit with you or your organisation. In the first instance, we would recommend that you follow  HSE guidance.

We would ask you to exercise caution in setting tasks and take time to establish whether the equipment and environment that your competitor is using is safe and appropriate. Please complete a risk assessment for any ‘high risk’ activity and contact Chris Gooch if you have any questions at all before sharing the task brief.

If we can’t use the NEC could we have a plan B to run Competitions as we did for Team selection last year in Sectors and Regional Centres?

Currently, we are working on the basis that LIVE will go ahead as planned, we will continue to review our plans in line with Government advice and guidelines. However, if LIVE is postponed, there are no plans to hold the Finals at regional centres due to the logistical complexity.

What do we do about hotel bookings for LIVE in November?

We advise you to continue to book your accommodation for LIVE but please ensure your booking has a flexible cancellation policy to allow you to make any changes if needed. If you are experiencing difficulty with hotel bookings and would like our support, please email and the Operations team will get in touch

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