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Registration for this competition has been extended to 24 March 2014.
For more information on how to enter this competition visit the SkillWeld 2014 website
The SkillWeld 2014 competition is designed to test your skills in the three main, manual fusion processes. During the competition you will be asked to complete four weld tests. All four of the test pieces are mandatory.
The SkillWeld 2014 competition is made up of the following stages:-
1. Passive Heats (until the end of February)

 2. Semi-Finals (March - May)
 3. National final (November)
You will have enough material for one test piece in each of the four tests. You will have four hours to complete all four test pieces. The test pieces will be judged after the competition has ended, and entrants will be informed of the results later that day.
This competition is organised by: SkillWeld in association with Air Products, TWI, Semta and a number of industry partners.

The SkillWeld competition is aimed at technicians working and/or training in the welding industry at an advanced or higher level. Please note there are no age limits for SkillWeld competitor entry, however age restrictions do apply to competitors progressing into WorldSkills International Competitions.

No restrictions.

Follow these steps to ENTER the SkillWeld 2014 competition

  • Stage one: Review the competition overview and guidance materials
  • Stage two: Trainee welders with good levels of skill in MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG are invited to register entry for the Passive Heats by 24 March 2014, and to complete test pieces in their own colleges or with their own training providers. Competitors achieving the highest scores in the passive heats will be invited to enter the Semi-Finals at one of a number of regional venues.
  • Stage three Use the Competitor Preparation Toolkit to prepare for the competition
  • Stage four: The ten highest scoring competitiors from the Semi-Finals, will be invited to compete at the National UK Final to be held at the NEC from 12 - 15 November 2014. The winner will be crowned SkillWeld 2014 champion.

We’ll make sure you are kept updated with regular newsletters throughout all these stages so that you don’t miss any important dates or information.

Use the resources below to help prepare your learners, apprentices and employees to participate in WorldSkills UK competition activities at local, regional and national level.

Visit our new library for further resources.

Competition Levels

  • The WorldSkills UK Qualification Levels document details the required levels for each competition.

WorldSkills UK Coaching Manual

  • The WorldSkills UK Coaching Manual has been designed to help you get the most out of the WorldSkills UK experience and to help your competitors to perform at the highest standard.
  • A resource for: Organisations preparing to participate in WorldSkills UK competition activities

Lesson Plans

  • The Lesson Plans are designed to help you guide and support individuals and groups of learners as they prepare to participate in competition activities. There are 10 lessons that cover the key themes and techniques outlined in the Competitors Preparation Toolkit (CPT).
  • A resource for: Teachers, Trainers,Coaches and Mentors

Competitors Preparation Toolkit (CPT)

  • The Competitors Preparation Toolkit (CPT) is a set of self-directed learning modules available online to support competitors with hints and tips, help with planning for competing, and even relaxation techniques at each stage of their competition journey; pre-selection, heats and UK finals.
  • A resource for: Learners,apprentices and employees preparing to participate in competition activities

Winning ways of learning:

(a guide to developing your own vocational masterclass programme)

  • The Winning ways of learning is a guide to developing your own vocational masterclass programme. It introduces practical, exciting approaches to achieving world class standards in learning and development. The main aim of the programme is to inspire excellence in teaching and the curriculum.
  • A resource for: Teachers, Trainers and Managers of Vocational Training

Inspiring Excellence

  • The Inspiring Excellence guide draws on expertise from senior managers, staff and learners in colleges and work-based learning (WBL) providers across a range of regions, sizes and types where skills competition activity features strongly. It also shows how skills competition work can benefit apprentices, including those in small businesses.
  • A resource for: Learning and Training Providers,Employers,Principals, VP Curriculum, Skills Groups in FE
  • Hand/Eye coordination skills
  • Be calm and organised
  • Poor weld soundness and size, also weld must be in line
  • Poor time management
  • More practice time prior to competition
  • Be aware of the importance of knowing and understanding the marking scheme
  • Study the competition and know the rules
  • Be able to self assess your own work
  • Time management
  • Plan and practice for the competition
  • Finish on time