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Future Careers

What skills and jobs will be in demand in the coming years?

Careers of the Future UKCES reportProduced by UKCES (UK Commission for Employment and Skills), this guide has been produced to showcase 40 top jobs in 10 key occupations that the UK job market suggests will be crucial over the  next decade. The aim is to inspire young people about the wide range of jobs that are out there, inspiration which they can use when mapping a career pathway.

Who’s it for?

This report is aimed at individuals who are supporting young people as they make choices about their future career journey. We also hope young people will read this report themselves and be excited and inspired
by the range of careers available to them.

Read the report:

  • If you want to inspire young people about the exciting and diverse range of career opportunities that are out there.
  • If you support young people:
    • In year 9 who are starting to think about their career options
    • In year 10/11 who are thinking about sixth form, apprenticeships or college courses
    • In year 12/13 who are thinking about university, higher apprenticeships or a job.

Download the Careers of the Future report

Careers of the future - West Midlands

This report presents easily accessible information about the labour market prospects for jobs in the West Midlands, based on research by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) into the world of work.

Download the report