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WorldSkills UK brings together a range of partners across sectors including employers, Government, colleges, schools, training providers, parents and young people to help change the national conversation so that apprenticeships and technical education are seen as prestigious career routes for all young people.  

Previous conferences

  • Engineering Youth Summit

    10:00 am – 3:00pm, 28th June - EEF Technology Hub, Unit 6, The Hub, Nobel Way, Birmingham, B6 7EU

    Why don’t more young people consider working in engineering as a career? In 20 years’ time we are going to need 1.82m engineers in the UK. We want you as young people aged 14-19 years old to get involved in the conversation and offer your perspective on how we change this and get more young people into engineering.

    The WorldSkills UK - Engineering Youth Summit will bring together a diverse range of young people (aged 14 - 19 years old) together, to hear from speakers that are already making real change in engineering, participate in a series of creative workshops and meet with likeminded young people- culminating in ideas being pitched to influential figures working in engineering.

    10:00 am – Welcome 

    10:30 am – Guest Speaker

    10:45 – 11:30 am - Shaping the debate. Why don’t young people go into engineering careers? We will have to two teams arguing for and against this point. 

    11:30 – 11:45 am – Break 

    11:45 am – 12:30 pm - So the time is now….Problem solving on a deadline! Teams will work in groups, using an accelerated approach to problem solving, you will work together to develop solutions to the issues facing young people in getting into the engineering industry.

    12:30 – 1:15pm - Lunch

    1:15 – 2:00 pm - Creating new solutions. Using as a foundation the solutions generated in the earlier sessions, you will use this session to refine these ideas into 120 second pitches – which will be honed before they are delivered to panel of key representatives from the engineering industry. 

    2:00 – 2:45 - The Pitch. Delegates will then deliver their 120 second pitches to a panel of engineering industry representatives.

    2:45 – 3:00 pm – Close

    To register for the event visit:

  • WorldSkills UK Roundtable Events

    Construction Roundtable – 5th June (London) & Engineering Roundtable – 28th June, (Birmingham)

    Tackling the issues of skills shortages in Construction & Engineering sectors becomes ever more important as the UK prepares for its future and competing in the global economy. These two roundtable events will to bring together a collective of some the most influential organisations and thinkers in the sector to tackle this topic.

    Through this closed roundtable event attendees will be provided with stimulus to generate the discussion in the form of insights from skills competitions and reflections from young people; before developing a collective positioning on how we can solve the recruitment and the skills gaps in these sectors.

    The content above will be used to provide a stimulus to generate a discussion amongst the group with a view to developing a collective positioning on how we can tackle the growing skills shortage in the UK.

    If you are a business or organisation that is interested in attending please contact:

  • WorldSkills UK Youth Summit

    In the backdrop of the launch of the Government's new Careers Strategy; WorldSkills UK hosted a Youth Summit Thursday 16th November at The Skills Show, with participants aged 16 -24 years old from across the country being invited to attend the event. We were moved to do so, as we exist as an organisation to see young people make the very best start in work and life. We believe in the amazing potential that exists within the UK’s young people, and we wanted to provide them with resources and a platform to change the national conversation on topics such as careers advice.

    Find out more and download the report

  • WorldSkills UK Think!

    WorldSkills UK Think! was launched at The Skills Show 2016 as a convening platform, bringing together the voices of providers, employers, young people and parents to explore and try to provide answers to key questions facing the sector. This year’s theme focused on ‘Accelerating Young People Today for The Future Workplace,’ preparing young people to compete in the fast-paced, global economy.

    Find out more

  • Opinion formers competition

    Aged 14 – 21 years and a UK resident? We want to hear from you!

    WorldSkills UK is passionate about the future of careers and helping young people to go further, faster in their careers. We want to hear your experiences and thoughts on how careers and jobs are changing, and what this means for you. We want to tap into your stories - giving you an opportunity and public platform from which to share your encounters, aspirations and challenges in the current careers landscape. 


    Specifically, we want to hear what you think about the question:

    Are young people today prepared for the future world of work?

    We want to hear your thoughts on how prepared you feel for your future, are you ready? Is the world of work ready? Change relies on disruptive thinking and on discussion and disagreement, we want you to tap into your most creative ways of looking at this statement and inform us what is wrong, what is right and what needs to be thrown completely up into the air and made again.

    We want to hear your experiences, your thoughts, the journey you have already taken, your hopes for the future and the careers you aspire to have. What needs to change?


    You can submit your ideas through a number of creative formats:

    • Written thought piece (of no more than 1500 words)
    • Animation
    • Poem
    • Short story (no more than 1500 words)

    The deadline for your content is the 7 September 2018. Applications can be sent to Vicky Parting.

    Then what?

    A prize of £200 will be given to each of the five winning pieces of content.

    Winners of the competition will have their work presented in a booklet by WorldSkills UK which will be disseminated throughout ours network. It will also be made public in digital format and promoted on the WorldSkills UK website and via social media.  

    We will also invite you to come to WorldSkills UK LIVE (15-17 Nov 2018 - travel expenses paid) to present your content and ideas on stage and be involved in a panel discussion on careers. We may also ask you to be filmed for promotional content for our thought leadership programme.