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WorldSkills UK Youth Summit

In the backdrop of the launch of the Government's new Careers Strategy; WorldSkills UK hosted a Youth Summit Thursday 16th November at The Skills Show, with participants aged 16 -24 years old from across the country being invited to attend the event. We were moved to do so, as we exist as an organisation to see young people make the very best start in work and life. We believe in the amazing potential that exists within the UK’s young people, and we wanted to provide them with resources and a platform to change the national conversation on topics such as careers advice.

A range of methods were used to unlock the perspective of young people on careers advice in England and Wales, which culminated in the young people pitching their ideas on how to effectively improve the provision of careers advice. Highlights from all of the pitches can be seen below and you can catch up on the pitch from the winning team, The Career Busters.

What did we learn?

As well as the amazing pitches generated by the young people involved in the Summit there were three overwhelming themes that ran through all the discussion, debates and concepts. We believe that these themes should be considered as we work together to develop a careers advice offer that really works for young people. 

  1. Improving the perception of careers advice, to inspire and motivate young people to engage with the provision. Careers advice has an image problem, the perception regarding careers advice needs to be addressed. Young people need to be both inspired by and trust the advice they are given. While in a lot of places this is just a perception, we do need to make sure that young people have access to role models they can relate to alongside more formal careers advice. We need to educate people that careers advice can come in many different guises and sometimes variety can be as important as quantity. 
  1. To effectively implement a personalised service for all young people. In today’s culture everything is bespoke and customisable to our own tastes and needs. Young people expect nothing less from their careers advice. We believe that young people are looking for careers advice that can be tailored to their own learning style and taste. This requires providing young people with the skills to both access formal advice as well as self-serve. We need to be teaching young people how to make the most of the vast amounts of information and support that is available. There will always be the need for professional careers advice, however this needs to support and empower further exploration not be the first and last place young people look.
  1. Accessibility – to have a careers advice offer which provides the same level of quality and service regardless of young person’s background or location. This was a particularly strong theme throughout all the discussions, the young people at the Summit felt that good quality careers advice can be a huge factor in enabling social mobility and broadening diversity. They believed strongly that careers advice should be a strong factor in dismantling stereotypes and promoting a wide range of possible careers regardless of background, race or disability. 

The report outlines the key issues young people identified concerning careers advice, solutions for overcoming them and recommendations for how these can be effectively implemented in the future.

Download the WorldSkills UK Youth Summit report

This year we will host a programme of events to dig deeper into the issues surrounding careers advice and skills delivery. If you would like to be involved please email


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