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The Teacher Hub

Seminars within The Teacher Hub are aimed at Careers Advisers, teachers and parents/guardians.

All seminars are free to attend, However capacity is limited so we encourage you to reserve a place at the seminars you particularly want to attend by entering your details below.


Please note: Some seminars are already nearly fully booked. You should arrive at least 5 minutes before the seminar begins to take your reserved place. Any available seats will be given to non-registered visitors just before the seminar begins.

Thursday 21 November

Launchpad, DevClever
Speaker: Julie Forster - National Apprenticeship Service
Speaker: Ashlee Carlile, Prospects Resilience Project
Speaker: Prerna Carroll, IGD
Speaker: Julie Taylor, National Careers Service
Speaker: Clare Addy, Go Higher West Yorkshire
Speaker: Mike Zatyka, Skills Builder

Friday 22 November

Speaker: Clare Addy, Go Higher West Yorkshire
Speakers: Prerna Carroll, IGD
Speaker: Mike Zatyka, Skills Builder
Speaker: Julie Foster, National Apprenticeships Service
National Careers Service
Speaker: Lesley Thain, Encounters with Employers and Employees
Launchpad, DevClever