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We’ve helped to inspire and develop more young people than ever before

Our Annual Review for 2019-2020 shows that over the last year we helped to inspire and develop excellence in 205,000 young people, more than ever before.

Annual review front cover

Monday, 07 Sep 2020

Listen to our Chief Executive Dr Neil Bentley-Gockmann OBE explain how we inspired, developed, innovated and mainstreamed excellence over the last year to help more young people get the best start in work and life.

Our key achievements over the last year include:

• We engaged with 205,000 young people, more than ever before to support their career and skills pathways.

• We retained our strong standing in the WorldSkills competition, ranking 12th on the world stage against 60 nations.

• We launched powerful new innovations through our Productivity Lab and carried out new research into international skills excellence.

• We developed the exciting Centre of Excellence pilot to mainstream excellence in further education across UK.

• We expanded and strengthened our partnerships and networks to, together, help young people achieve higher skills standards, including working with over 90% of FE colleges.

• We reached greater audiences through our communications to promote career options and excellence in technical skills with a media circulation of 150 million.

• 77% of young people we engaged with had increased levels of inspiration, supporting their career decisions.

• 95% of competitors developed their technical skills, maintaining high rates of positive feedback.

• We further diversified and grew our income by £7 million.

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